Home Alone

Yesterday morning. Paulie packed up his luggage and headed to sunny California for the week. I love Paulie with all I got but there was a small part of me that was a little excited. First of all, it is just a week. Secondly, since we used to do long distance, we are pretty good at communicating throughout the day. And sometimes, it's fun to change up the routine a little. I can go to the gym at night, watching Kitchen Cousins to my hearts content, have Pasha love me most, and tackle some projects around the house that have been sitting on the back burner like the one below.

A Pretty Cool Life has great projects
 I am constantly looking for a pen or pencil in the kitchen and since we have pretty limited counter space, I am not totally down with taking up valuable real estate. Sure, we have drawers but that requires digging through them to find a pen that works. So when I saw this very easy DIY project on A Pretty Cool Life, I pinned it and kept it in my memory bank. All you need are some cute spice tins which I was able to get at a trade show, magnets, glue and you are set for this cute storage. I picked up the rest of my supplies this weekend and am good to go. Can't wait to show you guys the results. What do you think? Any projects you are working on? Any other Kitchen Cousin fans out there? Are you team Anthony or Jon?


  1. team BOTH COUSINS...love them. and the hoboken connection :)

  2. more like KISSING COUSINS - down for a double date whenever you want sistagirl


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