Non-Buyers Remorse

The ones that got away....from my own shopping cart.

 Since this week somehow seemed to be about making purchases, let's talk about a few woulda, coulda, shoula moments. Everyone and their mother has talked about and suffered from buyers remorse. Bad shirts, awful shoes and that one dress that you thought might work and WASN"T returnable. Ugh, we have all been there. But what about things that you have passed u?. When I went on a trip to Guatemala with my friend Barbara, we had to buy another suitcase to bring back all the stuff that we bought. But to this day, I still think about a few pieces that I didn't get. Specifically this ceramic (I think) cactus that I still envision being the perfect friend for our Jade plant. I also once saw tickets to Israel for $330.00 round trip from New York. It has been a typo (they forgot to put a 1 before the 3) and honored those who bought them at this price. Why we didn't snatch those up still mystifies me. What about you guys? Any non-buyers remorse moments for you?


  1. the guatemalan bolero jacket thing.

    and a coral sundress i didnt buy two summers ago. damnit.

  2. Not sure if this counts, but when I was a kid I had this “fake vomit” gag toy. My first year at summer camp, I wanted to take it with me to ensure my popularity among the other kids. My mom at one point had mentioned that everything going to camp had to have my name on it. So I wrote my name in permanent marker on the fake vomit, which of course gives away the fact that it’s not real vomit (since you are unable to write your name in real vomit with a pen). I should have written it on the underside. I have no idea why I didn’t think of this. So I guess my regret is that I only bought one thing of fake vomit when I really should have bought two. This was the obvious cause of my lack of popularity at camp that year so I always regret not having had a second to use. I’m sure I have a better story of “anti-buyer’s remorse”, but this just came into my head first.


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