Child Labor? PS Sorry for the late post

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As I mentioned earlier, I had a little but of a stressful week in the work department. I think that all will work it's way out but in the meantime I am just putting my head down and plowing through. Last Thursday, I was feeling particularly anxious and Paulie decided to take me out to dinner. We just went to a local sports bar and chilled out. It was exactly what I needed. While we were there, Paul told me about his job at the local grocery store while he was in high school. Each Saturday and Sunday, Paul would wake up at 5AM to work the early shift at Giant. He would stock shelves, carrel carts, bag groceries, sliced deli meat and from what it sounds like, have a lot of fun. Just like in the movies, him and a few random kids, one from his school, two from another formed a special bond, calling themselves "The Core Four" since they worked there the longest. There was a bench where they would take breaks, eating a box of chocolate doughnuts, flirting with the girls who worked check out. I know that work is work. That is it often a source of my anxiety and worries, that I also get a paycheck for being there. But it can also be a place (at least for me) that is completely silly, fun, friendship bonding, and interesting. So I will work my hardest to focus on those aspect. Now if someone would just deliver the chocolate covered doughnuts, I would be set.


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