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At the end of my work day, as we are all packing up our bags and shutting down the computers, conversation with my coworkers can turn pretty random. A common game (like I think for a lot of people) is often what would you do if you won the lottery. But last night, it took a twist. Sophie proposed this. If you could have one luxury service on the daily, what would it be? My pick ended up being a live in hairdresser who could blow out my hair anytime. Oh man, how awesome would that be?

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Or would you go the route of Doug and have an in home masseuse? 

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What about someone who always has dinner ready?  

Chef seen Here

Some other popular office picks were maid, laundress and someone who comes in to stretch out your body! I am really curious, what would you pick? 


  1. TOTALLY a home masseuse! I actually asked CM for that for my birthday, and he thought I was joking. I wasn't.

  2. I am with Emma, I dream about having massages all the time!

  3. can i rotate through them all?

  4. I would like to have a live-in Swedish Chef. Bork, bork!

  5. I love this question! I grew up having a housekeeper who came once a week and did the heavy cleaning. As a family, we would neaten up each evening and make our beds in the morning. I have adopted this same thing as an adult. So, I think I would choose either a chef or just an overall personal assistant. Can you imagine sending someone else to the grocery store or to run your errands?!? That would be so fantastic!

    1. Jamie-- I like the routine, cutting off a major mess before it starts!


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