It's in the stars...

Have you noticed the starry trend that is all over these days. From nails, to cake, people are into and inspired by both constellations and the overall galaxy. I have to say, I am totally drawn to it too but I am not much of a believer in astrology. What about you? Does your sign mean something to you? I am a Taurus but not sure what that says about me.  What sign are you? Maybe you can make me a believer.

From top left Cup of Jo Galaxy Nails, Rendij Studio Moon Calendar on Etsy, Constellation Cheesecake on Diamonds for Dessert, and Printable Constellation Map of Mr. Printable


  1. they say your moon sign means a lot too. here's how you can figure out what your moon sign is :)

    i'm an aries. i believe it!!

  2. remember that crazy shooting star we saw on the cape. that was intense, i still think about it.


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