home for the holidays

The great Daniel Craig seen here

In a few hours, I will be packing up my stuff and heading to my parents house in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure that tonight has become a universal night to go out in your hometown for a few drinks with old friends. But here is the thing, the high school friends that I am still friends with I see on the regular and often times there are drinks involved. What we don't do enough is go to the movies! So guys, let's all load up on popcorn and M&M's and meet me at the Bellview. Or whatever theater you have in your hometown. I will be in line to see the new Bond movie. What about you?


  1. interestingly, on wednesday night, you watched a movie at home and i played scrabble for 3 hours with my mom. next year: meet you at tierney's?


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