are you feeling lucky?

Image of a much younger Nicolas Cage from Rotten Tomatoes

Tonights Powerball jackpot is a whopping $550 million buck-a-roos. I bought a few tickets for myself and also joined my office pool. When the pot get this big, it is hard not to dream about what I would do with all the winnings. Remember that movie It Could Happen To You with Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda and Rosie Perez? He doesn't have enough money to tip the waitress so he offers to share his money should his lottery ticket win. Spoiler alert...he wins.

I was once with a group of friends who all were given scratch off tickets. My friend Babara misread her ticket and thought (and screamed for about 3 minutes) that she won $500.00. Turned out she didn't but it was worth the laugh.

Do you guys buy lottery tickets? Do you think they are a total waste or a cheap thrill? Ever win big?


  1. it was five THOUSAND dollars!!! i mean, ill be honest, ill take five hundred, but five thousand was going to make the real difference.

    i buy lotto tickets all the time, but just scratch off. im not really into the other ones.


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