The Bike Share Is Coming! The Bike Share Is Coming!

Where I will be picking up my bike!
On my walk home last night, I was so pumped to see the early stages of the Citi Bike sharing system getting put into place....on the corner by our house! For those of you who don't know much about this program, here is the low down.
You can either purchase a 24-hour, 7 Day or yearly membership (all for a pretty reasonable price). Once you purchase your share, you will get either a three-digit code or a key for annual members that unlocks your bike. And off you go, using the bike for however long you have allotted yourself, returning the bike to any of the stations around the city. With the weather getting warmer by the day, this could not come a better time. Time to pick out a badass helmet!
A map of all the stations. Initial roll-out is a much smaller group. Seen here


  1. awesome location for you. jealous

  2. too bad one(adorable) sister doesn't know how to ride a bike...


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