Spring Has Sprung...

My plants on there other hand need some work. This weekend here in New York, you could really for the first time feel the change it weather. Was it warm out? No. But-- it wasn't cold either. And the sun beamed, in a way like it was telling you, hold on a little longer, we are getting there kid. And when we do get there, I want to be ready with my window box. Here is it's current state. YIKES!

Ok, so I know that this is a scary image but in my defense, I haven't touched this thing since last year. And our Jade plant is thriving so it isn't as though I have a completely black thumb, I would more call it, pale green. I just need a little help and direction. I have done basil and rosemary in the past which did fine and I did use it when I could but I wouldn't mind stepping out of my comfort zone. I am not sure how many varieties I should try considering this box isn't the largest in the world. So readers, any of you have any ideas? When should I start planting? Or am I late?


  1. I dont think you're too late, just pitch the old gunk out and grab some soil from any hardware store. Also I dont plan on performing either said task, just some friendly advice!

  2. Basil and parsley are always the most useful.

    Don't do mint, its a weed and will take over unless you can put it in its own pot.

    Rosemary and thyme are also pretty hardy and hard to kill.


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