Prime Time

As I have mentioned here in the past, my 9-5 has had a few changes recently. All really good things and I am enjoying myself so far. Since it is a new role, I have been coming in a little earlier and working a little later than usually (Don't feel badly, I still have a great schedule). But last Friday, I was wrapping up and caught a glimpses of myself in the mirror. Ugh. I could have sworn that I put make-up on in the morning but I really couldn't see a trace of it by 6:45. So being that it was Friday, with no plans, I treated myself to a make up counter. I love my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer so I went there and explained my problem. After going through my routine, they directed me to the Foundation Primer Radiance explaining that this would go on first and pre-treat my skin so it would hold on to the foundation, hence the name Primer (like you prime the walls beforehand). I had always thought that primers were just a make-up scam but guys, light bulb works. By the end of the day, my dark circles and overall winter drabness seem to be covered up. Just in time for those after work drinks to celebrate this weather.
Do you use a primer? Do you think it's a scam?

Sorry for the totally girly post! 


  1. I only use primer on special occasions since it's expensive. Otherwise I pray I don't run into anyone I know on my commute home.

  2. is this the same as a bb cream? help!

    1. What the heck is BB cream?! I have been reading about it all over and haven't the clue what it actually us. Maybe Ms Levy below can explain?

  3. Primer is amazing!! I don't use it everyday but I should. And after doing Erica's wedding makeup, I decided Laura Mercier is the way to go for all things like foundation, cover up, primer etc...Don't worry Bobbi, I still heart you...


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