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HUBBA HUBBA. Plus they design and build AMAZING kitchen. Image seen here

If you ever come over to our house, snuggle on the couch and turn on the TV, I would bet good money that the last channel to be on would be one of the following. ESPN. Food Channel. Bravo. And my personal love, HGTV. Oh boy, do I have it bad for HGTV. My #1 celebrity crushes are no joke, The Kitchen Cousins. I can throw down for hours with some House Hunters, Income Property, Love It or List It, you get the gist. I have now moved on to dreaming about buying a run down place and fixing it up (with the help of Kitchen Cousins for course) to the point where I scroll Trulia. But as Paul points out, part of my problem is that all the work on these shoes is neatly finished in a 1/2 TV show. Sure they show some bumps but I often have no clue what that means.

Until I came across Renovation Dairy on Apartment Therapy. This series follows 4 couples, in various states,  as they renovate their kitchens. It breaks down each couples inspiration, budget, demos and progress. I have come to live vicariously through them and also feel like when I do ever find a run down mess in the need of love, this does provide a little more knowledge. What about you? Have you ever done home renovation? How did it go? Is anyone else out there totally into HGTV?


  1. LOVE the kitchen cousins! especially the jersey love. i too dream of doing a huge home reno - and often dream about what my "my future country/beach home" would look like! renovation diary has been added to my list.

  2. Or the Xbox could be on, just throwing that option out there too!


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