Sibling Love.

My older sister Maya and her family recently moved back to the town that we grew up in. They have just had their second sweetheart baby and were running out of space in their Park Slope apartment. 75% of me was happy for them. I knew that it was the right move for them and the house that they found is perfect. But it also means that I could no longer jump on the M63 bus and be at their house in 15 minutes. Ok, so I will be honest, their new town, Montclair is only 12 miles away. And we have a car so it makes it even easier.

 A few years ago, my younger sister Rachael and I lived together for a year. It was during that time, all three of us were able to see each other whenever we wanted which was pretty often. Now Rachael lives the life we all want to live in the cornfields of Ohio, swimming, biking and doing college admissions. And I realized that for the first time in a long time, all 3 of us live in different states.

Then a few weeks ago, Maya sent around this article by the ever awesome Frank Bruni about the importance of siblings.  It really hit home for me. At this point, we have all never been this physically far from each other. But at the same time, we have never been closer. Rach emailed us dinner suggestions last night, I will probably see Maya this weekend and in July, we will all get to hang out together in Cape Cod. But I am now so sure that regardless of where we all live, we will always be close.


  1. siblings are the absolute wonderful and such a huge part of who i am is defined by being a sister to both a sister and a brother. lucky me.


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