New York in the summer....

Is really getting me down. I am having a hard time being in love with New York right now. On Sunday, I went for a run/walk in my neighborhood. It was brutally hot out and as I looked around at all the opportunities this city had to offer, all I cold focus on was that I wanted to get into a car and drive to a beach. Not wait for the subway, not take a train. Just get in the car and go. We are heading up to Cape Cod in a few weeks and I am really hoping that this will make me feel better.

Does this heat make anyone else feel differently about New York? Do you think about moving to other places?


  1. i certainly felt that at times. BUT grass is always greener (as the kids say) -- sometimes i would kill for a subway ride to veg out to a podcast and not have to worry about driving. xoxo.

  2. I feel this way in the winter, not in the summer...I know its crazy hot (I mean, I took Caroline in a Bjorn on the subway to the pediatrician today...ahhhhh!) but I still sort of love NYC in the summer. That said, I avoid restaurants that dont take their air conditioning seriously and fight the fatigue with margaritas, cherries (the coldest of fruits!) and box fans at every turn :) Stay strong until Cape Cod!!


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